Subdomain or Subdirectory for my New Blog?

Should I host my blog in a subdomain like or in a sub directory like

This is Five Minute Friday so I’ll give you the short answer – in a subdirectory. Find out why below:

From an SEO perspective if you are adding a blog to a website the best place to host it is in a subdirectory of the main site assuming the following conditions:

1. The blog is related to the same topic as the main website
2. You will be updating the blog regularly
3. The main site currently performs when it comes to ranking

A subdomain is treated by search engines as a completely new site and will require separate SEO efforts. By choosing a subdomain the blog will remain part of the main site and link juice and domain authority will be passed along.

As with anything in life there are no absolutes. You may be adding a blog to your site as a branding exercise and SEO is not an important factor. In this instance a subdomain may work better. It may also be worth considering a subdomain if your blog does not meet the three conditions assumed above.