Best Social Media Management Tools 2015

Managing your social media channels can be time-consuming and therefore, expensive. Finding a great social media management tool for your business is the key to maximising the impact and ROI of this precious time resource. Despite the costs involved social media is here to stay and can be a super way of engaging with customers and finding new ones. So this begs the question – what’s the best social media management tool for my business?

Great news – the team at Seriously Social, has created an infographic comparing the best Social Media Management tools in 2015 based on user reviews collected by G2Crowd. Want to find a social media management tool that streamlines activities, cuts down on time pulling together reports and analytics and offer competitive metrics for benchmarking purposes?  This is the infographic for you – see it in full below.

So What’s the Best Social Media Management Tool?

Having reviewed the cool infographic, I’m delighted to see that the tool I recommend, AgoraPulse, comes very highly recommended – scoring top or close to top in all categories – including best value! It’s not just the high scoring that’s so impressive.  This is a real David and Goliath story with the small, committed team of 13 souls at AgoraPulse pitted against the goliath of HootSuite, Hootsuite has raised $260M and has a team of 550 employees. Just goes to show bigger isn’t always better!

Check out the infographic below to see the full findings.

The Top 4 Rated Social Media Management Tools of 2015 Infographic brought to you by Seriously Social and G2 Crowd

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