Why is Professional Website Copywriting so Important?

Why is website content so important? We get asked this question all the time, and I suppose the answer hasn’t changed for some time. Having professional content on your website is important for two reasons:

  • You need to deliver your marketing messages to website visitors and effectively convey your Unique Selling Point’s to maximise conversions
  • The way your website will rank in the search results partly depends on the strength of your keywords and how frequently you have used them in the areas of your site that are crawled by search engines.  Search engines use algorithms that will seek out the frequency of those keywords in your content and add that to the number of times that your site has been visited and again further to check how often people have linked to your site through recommendations or backlinks

It all starts with content in this process because all search engine algorithms use Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI. Latent Semantic Indexing is the discovery process for finding related terms and phrases in a document or group of documents; it is a mathematical equation that relies heavily on the context in which any given word is used. For example, if the term “flat tyre” is used in a document, some semantically related terms would be: car, vehicle, repair, wheel, tyre pressure, and wheel brace. You can see that all the words in the list are related to the term “flat tyre”.

How Do I Optimise My Content?

As a business creates content for their website or other online platforms, there is often an overriding goal to have this newly created content found by search engines, however it is important to bear I mind that content needs to be written primarily for your customers. There is no point in ranking highly if none of the visitors to your website convert to sales.

In order to write good website copy businesses need bear two fundamentally important things in mind. Website copy needs to be compelling enough for visitors to the website to generate conversions and the backlinks that are the recommendations that also contribute to your site being found in search, and it also needs to contain the keyword rich content that will satisfy the requirements of LSI. Finding the correct balance is where a good website copywriter comes in.

How Can EzSales Help?

Well, that’s easy.  We help our clients to develop strong keyword strategies and then we assist them in developing great website copy that will balance the need to convert website visitors to customers, while at the same time optimising content for search through LSI.  We will work on the overall content for the main pages of your website and can also assist in developing weekly or monthly blog posts to keep your content fresh.

After all, if you are committed to marketing your services on your company website, you’re going to be working on great new content all the time, right?  Why not work smarter rather than working harder?  Talk to us today about our professional website copywriting services.