Experienced Internet Marketing and E-commerce Professionals

Having a successful internet marketing strategy encompasses many elements including :

• a really well designed website, that contains great marketing messages
• search engine optimisation
• on-line marketing campaigns such as Google Adwords
• successful email marketing campaigns and newsletters
• a social media strategy
• when selling on-line, a suitable and secure e-commerce shopping basket.

Over 1.1 million Irish people purchased goods online in 2010 as more and more consumers turn to the internet to research and buy products and services. At EzSales we work with our clients to help them develop a really successful internet marketing strategy. If you are thinking about selling on-line or about using the internet to generate great leads for your business you should speak to an internet marketing specialist at EzSales.

Internet Marketing and your Website

If you are thinking about investing in a website but are not sure where to start, speak with EzSales. We can help you set the goals of your website, discuss your marketing messages and decide on what layout and structure is best suited to your business. We can also develop the spec of the website you require and send it out to tender for you. This way you get the website designed around achieving the goals of your business and your internet marketing strategy and not the website that it suits your web designer to build.
EzSales can also manage the web design process on your behalf, generate the content and deliver the finished product to you. All the websites that we deliver are to the highest design and programming standards and are all SEO ready.

Email Marketing

As part of an overall internet marketing strategy EzSales will design and implement an email marketing campaign on behalf of our customers. We use our sales and marketing expertise to develop a compelling marketing message and a strong sales proposition to maximise return from each email ezine and newsletter that we send on your behalf.