Website Audit

Online Benchmarking Report

How do you stack up against your online competitors?
Many business owners simply want to get a clear picture of how their website is performing, particularly when benchmarked against their online competitors.  We  can provide a comprehensive online benchmarking report including SEO audit.

Our customers will receive a complete review of their online presence that will give them a clear understanding of how both their website is performing against their major online competitors.

What will I take away from the report?

  1. Business owners will be provided with actions that they can take to improve their current internet marketing.
  2. They will get a clear picture of how they are performing against their competitors
  3. Receive independent confirmation that any elements that are required for the implementation of an effective internet marketing strategy are in place.

What Does the Report Include?

The report will include a Google search ranking analysis. This report will benchmark ranking performance against up to 3 online competitors. The report includes:

  • Identify current ranking on for up to 10 keywords that the website wants to be optimised for.
  • Report on current ranking on for up to 3 competitors for each of the 10 keywords supplied.

Website Audit

An analysis of the HOME page of the website for 35 key areas of on-page optimisation, based on the primary search queries the business wishes to rank for.

We will analyse 35 fundamental elements of your website and the result will be YES this element is in place or NO is not in place. If the result is NO, we will provide a recommendation on what is required to rectify the deficit.

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