What is Search Engine Optimisation SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a series of techniques that help your website rank higher in organic or ‘natural’ search results. This makes your website more visible to people who are looking for your product or service on a major search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How can Search Engine Optimisation benefit your business?

An effective search engine optimisation SEO strategy is built around the keywords and search queries that are most relevant to your business. Once we optimise your website for search so it appears in the search results for relevant search queries, we want the customer to visit your website over all the others. How do we do this? We use our sales and marketing expertise to select the most effective marketing messages – this is the start of the process of turning browsers into buyers.

EzSales SEO Strategy

An effective Search Engine Optimisation strategy is about doing lots of little things well. When you begin to look at how to rank with search engines, and to develop SEO strategies for business it comes down to three main areas. Adding up- to- date relevant content, via an effective content strategy, building links to your website and having a well-built, easy to navigate website structure, with the correct on-page SEO elements in place.

Why choose EzSales for SEO?

At EzSales internet marketing and SEO are the main focuses of our business. We keep fully up-to-date with search engines and how they rank websites for search. Google is focussing more and more on up-to-date relevant content in its search algorithms. Our professional copywriting service provides original, relevant content for our customers’ websites and blogs. This content helps our clients’ websites in the search engine rankings and also adds value to their customer.

SEO Reporting & Analysis

How do you know that your SEO strategy is effective?

Google Analytics reporting allows us to track the growth in visitors to your website and further to this to analyse where your customers are coming from, what pages or products they are most interested in and what activities they carry out on the website – newsletter sign-up, purchase etc. Find out more about how we use Google Analytics to help our customers with their internet marketing and sales strategies.

SEO Ranking Report

We also provide our customers with regular reports on their ranking for their most important keywords and search phrases. We will also benchmark your ranking against your top 3 online competitors.

We can also provide this service on a one-off basis as part of our online benchmarking report