Experienced Internet Marketing and E-commerce Professionals

Marketing e-commerce websites is one of our areas of specialization. Many of our clients sell products online on their own e-commerce websites. We work with our clients to develop a really successful internet marketing strategy and we use our skills and experience to drive targeted traffic to their website and to increase online sales. If you are thinking about selling on-line you should speak to an internet marketing specialist at EzSales.

Having a successful internet marketing strategy encompasses many elements including:

• a really well designed website, that contains great marketing messages
• an effective and secure e-commerce shopping basket.
• ongoing website traffic analysis and Google e-commerce tracking to monitor the effectiveness of the online sales funnel
• search engine optimisation
• on-line marketing campaigns such as Google AdWords
• successful email marketing campaigns and newsletters
• a social media strategy
• a content strategy

Developing an e-commerce website

If you are thinking about investing in an e-commerce website but are not sure where to start, speak with EzSales. We can help you set the goals of your website, discuss your marketing messages and decide on what layout and structure is best suited to your business. These steps are critical to the success of an e-commerce website.

We will develop the spec of the website you require and help you to send the project out to tender. EzSales can also manage the web design process on your behalf, generate the content and ensure the finished product has correctly implemented e-commerce tracking and is SEO ready.

If you are thinking about launching an e-commerce website, contact EzSales today.