Google Analytics & Website Analysis

EzSales provide our internet marketing customers expert analysis of the traffic that comes to their websites.

Where Visitors Come From?

Understanding where your visitors come from is vital. This is a simple statement but in fact it has two meanings. First off we analyse the elements of your internet marketing strategy that drive visitors to your website. Your AdWords advertising campaign, social media pages, organic search and referring websites.  The second aspect to understanding where your visitors come from is in terms of demographic information. Google analytics provides extensive demographic, including location, language and the type of device that visitors are using but also age profile interests etc.

How do they interact with your website?

Once visitors come to your website we analyse how they interact with your site. Which pages are most popular? Are they navigating through the website as expected? Which pages do they leave from? Do visitors on certain devices leave the site unexpectedly? All this information helps to identify potential issues with the website and implement a system of continuous improvement based on this analysis.

Conversion Tracking

We will implement a system of conversion tracking on the website. This includes custom Google Analytics e-commerce tracking that allows us to analyse and measure traffic through the shopping basket. This will break down the items in each converted shopping basket, as well as the value of the basket.  This information will allow business owners to measure ROI from their internet marketing activity, identify their most popular online products and to divert resources to the most profitable activities.

We also implement Google analytics goal tracking. A goal would be a newsletter sign up, a video play or a brochure download. These activities would be deemed valuable on a website as they are tangible leads rather than conversions.  We can place a value on these goals, this it offers a second method of measuring ROI.

Google Analytics is a powerful free website analysis tool. It provides an almost endless amount of data. Many business owners are familiar with the top level metrics that Google Analytics provides, such as bounce rate, number of visits etc. The detailed segmentation and analysis of Google Analytics data is a skill that we have developed over many years. This in-depth information is invaluable, particularly when you are competing in an e-commerce environment.

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