Sales Strategy

In every business, having a winning sales strategy is vital if you are to be successful. In other businesses, they might be focussed on just one core product and yet they will still struggle with this core task.

In hospitality, we sell many different products with buyer influences from many angles:

  • The time of the day
  • The day of the week
  • The type of customer served
  • Key events happening (Sport / festivals)
  • Price
  • Reputation
  • Quality

If you want to be sure that you are getting the most from your business in every hour of the day and night that your doors are open, then you need a cohesive and comprehensive strategy to understand what your customers want, when they want it and how you can be better than your competitors who do the same thing.

I will work with your team to ensure that everyone realises the importance of every sale and how to influence your customers to drive sales that also increase profits. This is delivered through interactive training sessions and then can be monitored on a standards checklist and by financial analysis. We can also arrange a mystery shopper survey so you get independent advice and feedback on how effective those changes have been.