Purchasing Strategy

Working on sales is core to improving profit, but time spent on ensuring that your purchasing systems are working effectively for your business can be an immediate source of profit conversion improvements.

I can support you with access to market rates for lines in food and beverage and work with you to advise if your business should consider a group purchasing system enrolment. Procurement and contracting can be a time consuming and often confusing process that becomes a distraction from the day to day running of your business. By outsourcing your procurement I can establish good management information on quantities and help you drive value by offering an overall basket spend for tender.

Using my experience in local and national suppliers and by involving your current suppliers in the process too, I will ensure that you are getting the best blend of quality, service and price every time you are making a payment to one of your suppliers.

Once the products are in your business, I can implement systems of control that reduce stock-holding to free up cashflow, eliminate waste to boost your profits and examine your sales mix to ensure that you are engineering your menus to deliver the optimum food and beverage costs.

Utility costs are another area where I can help but I am also happy to arrange for surveys where it may be necessary to engineer out some of the high consumption plant within your business. This will include preparing a full costs analysis and a projected pay-back period for the investment so that you can present it to a funding institution if the scale of the project exceeds present cashflow funding