Payroll Controls

Hospitality is a labour intensive business and always will be. While staff are the greatest asset of any hospitality business, they are also the most expensive operating cost to your business.

Through years of experience and by working in every department of hotel operations, I have developed systems, structures and processes that make it easier to forecast staffing requirements, control the costs of the resources on duty and ensure that they are working efficiently to provide outstanding service within the best cost parameters possible.

I can provide a manning guide and weekly payroll approvals based on business forecast to assist you in controlling the costs and by taking the time to analyse each employee hour assigned to service the business volumes. I won’t get distracted by other items as my time will be dedicated to this role for you.

There will be a cross-over here with the operations support for operating procedures so we can ensure that efficient workflows are in place and that principles of ergonomics are applied to the layout of your service departments to reduce the labour requirements that inefficiencies create. Subject to your business objectives, I can also project manage refurbishment or upgrade works in your premises to include design and certification requirements where applicable.

Through effective staff training and proactive development of your team, I can improve the efficiency of your team and in the long term drive substantial cost reductions through being able to operate to optimum staffing levels with people who are increasing your sales through upselling and more efficient service.