Operations & Standards

In hospitality we love our guests. Our business is directed at providing outstanding customer service and we love to showcase the best of what we have to offer. The challenge comes in delivering those great experiences to every guest – every time. By examining your operations systems I can identify a joined-up solution that links service to sales and ultimately to profit.

When looking at operations it is vital to ensure that all food safety, health and safety and statutory compliance are all adhered to. After all, without those in place, you risk having no business at all. I have audited systems already in place, overhauled those systems when they have not been fit for purpose and also developed and implemented new systems where necessary to ensure that you are protecting all stakeholders and managing risk within your premises.

When we talk about great guest experience, everybody understands the concept. How have you tackled the challenge of ensuring that from the time the guest first hears about your business right through to making a reservation, coming to avail of your services and ultimately to what they say themselves afterwards having had the experience personally? Do you think there is scope for improvement?

We can carry out mystery shopper audits, quality surveys and property visits that are scored and measured to track development and consistency in a structured and transparent way. I make no attempt to conceal the methods used to achieve this improvement as everyone needs to clearly understand why we would change from current practice. Without that support, the changes will not stick and I have great experience in managing the process of change within businesses of different sizes and in different markets.