Coaching & Development

In any professional sport, there are coaches who work with world class athletes to make them better. It’s not because these people lack skill, motivation or strategic awareness – in fact, research shows that world class athletes rarely fall short in these areas. The benefit of a coach is to ensure that their talent is harnessed, that their weaknesses are identified and developed upon and that they remain focussed on the next goal rather than jumping from one thing to the next.

The value that a culture of coaching and development can bring to any organisation is focussed interaction solely geared towards achieving a common goal. There are different variations that can be applied to this of course, so one size does not fit all. However, getting a model of support to assist your business could take your profits and performance to new levels of excellence – when you have the right coach.

With established teams I can work at agreed intervals ranging from once a week, to once a month. During these sessions we focus on established targets and actions and the team are held accountable for the results. Where those results are not as expected, we analyse why, understand the cause and work on developing a revised plan to implement along with clear guidance and instruction for all of the team.

Sometimes this will require additional training either for the management team or for service staff and that’s where the development comes into play. Through sessions to develop skills, we can lay the foundation for improved performance and customer service standards. This will be delivered consistently and quickly so that the improvements become immediately visible in your business. These sessions are fun, interactive and engaging and your team will understand that they are gaining new skills that will support their development in their chosen field of expertise.