Return On Investment

EzSales are on-line marketing experts

Our expertise allows us to provide measurable results on your internet marketing spend through Google. This is especially useful if you actually sell on line. However, it can also be applied to any action on your website that you deem valuable such as a newsletter sign up, completion of an enquiry form or view of a specific page – such as special offers. We will work with you to identify these actions and what their value is to your business.

We create customised Google Adwords campaigns for our clients

Advertising is only effective if it generates measurable results for your business. EzSales are qualified Google Adwords professionals. Our fully customised PPC campaigns provide a measurable return on on-line marketing spend. In on-line advertising a conversion occurs when a click on your advert leads to user behaviour that you deem valuable, such as a purchase, signup, page view or lead.

We provide a measurable return on on-line marketing spend

Return on Adwords Spend can be tracked if the following activities (conversions) occur:
• Complete a sale
• Sign up to a newsletter
• Fill in an enquiry form
• Look at a particular page on the website (e.g. special offers)
A value can be placed on each to measure return on investment (ROI).

To illustrate how this works here is a simple example:

If you know that 10% of customers who fill in an enquiry form make a purchase from your company and the average value of those purchases is €200 then a value of €20 can be placed on a completed enquiry form.