Google Adwords

Google Adwords is SMART

SPECIFIC Customised campaigns based on the product/service you are promoting
MEASURABLE Return on investment is fully measurable
AGREED Agreed daily spend, giving you total control of your budget
RELEVANT Your ads only appear for keywords that are most relevant to your business
TRACKABLE Track sales and enquiries generated by Adwords on your website

What is Google Adwords?

Simply put Google Adwords is an effective tool that allows you to promote your product or service on-line. How does this work?
• Google Adwords allows you to pay to appear at the top of the page of Google search results as a ‘sponsored link’
• Adwords is very cost effective. You don’t pay to appear in the search results you only pay when a customer actually clicks on your ad, this is called pay-per-click or PPC
• Google Adwords reporting is very sophisticated – it allows us to provide a measurable return on your PPC marketing spend.
• You remain totally in control of your spend. You set a daily budget and Google Adwords will not exceed it

How can Google Adwords benefit your business?

Google Adwords campaigns give you the opportunity to place your business in a prominent position at the top of Google search results as a ‘sponsored link’. Adwords is a great tool for generating qualified leads for a business website and for generating sales for a business that sells on-line. Google Adwords campaigns can be targeted to a specific geographical area so Google Adwords works for national and international companies, and equally well for small local businesses.

What makes EzSales Different?

We are fully qualified to professionally manage Google Adwords campaigns; we are also qualified sales and marketing experts. We specialise in creating fully customised campaigns for our customers, as we develop a personal relationship with our clients and get to know their businesses we can select the most effective marketing messages for your Adwords campaign, giving you a better return on investment.