Profit Growth

The concept is simple. In all industries there is a cost of producing your product or service and a selling price. If you have a range of products, some deliver a higher profit margin than others. You don’t need a consultant to help with that.

Maximise Revenue through Targeted Marketing Campaigns

EzSales deliver targets and action plans to so that your team is focussed on activities related to profitability. Your marketing collateral must send a clear message regarding your most valuable line of products or services to the business. Through our commercial experience, we can guide you on the most effective manner of getting your product or service to market and getting it noticed once it has arrived. If you promote your company correctly, you will increase your enquiries for your most profitable lines of business.

Convert Enquires with Expert Sales Training

Your sales efforts must be divided proportionally and strategically to ensure that you deliver the optimum sales mix – that’s where sales training comes in. Through effective planning and training of your team, the whole process of converting your enquiries can be enhanced and the concept of up-selling and cross selling can be employed to ensure that you are getting the most from every sales opportunity.

By combining both of these processes we will prevent a situation where you have increased sales but your profit margin has reduced. This could have a negative impact on your cashflow. By strategically planning your activities and by analysis of all of your costs and sales pricing structures, we will deliver a better profit margin and we will have your team working in a more focussed manner and understanding the importance of managing their sales mix.