Hospitality Consultancy

From time to time, all hospitality businesses need an injection of fresh ideas and to re-assess the strategies that drive their daily decisions.  The elements required to completely control all elements of the business can seem daunting and invariably, the delivery of service quality is dependent on the person providing the services to your guests and their level of skill or training.

Sound familiar?

It’s an all too common problem but a solution has been applied to resolve these issues in other properties and the same is possible for your business.  Every task can be completed in a way that delivers great service and resources necessary to support those services can also be controlled.

Systems Approach

In manufacturing a structure is applied to every process and this is managed to exacting standards.  It results in efficiency and consistency.  Hospitality businesses should be exactly the same.  By having established practices, procedures and training to support them, you will achieve outstanding results and you will surround yourself with committed professionals who all want to be part of that culture of excellence.

We take a full look at your business and can provide analysis and support in the following key business areas:

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Business planning
  • Capital investment programs
  • Reporting and data validation
  • Staff training
  • Management coaching and development
  • Menu planning
  • Food Hygiene Management [HACCP]
  • Statutory compliance