Brand Development

When considering the value of a brand, one of the common challenges is trying to measure the benefits of building your brand. It’s really a complicated task and requires focus and a clear vision for the future direction of your business. Before we enter into discussions on brand strategy, we ask our clients to try to run a self-appraisal of where how their branding is impacting the current performance of the business either positively or negatively. A simple model for this can be seen below:

Branding Matrix

As you can see, this is not something that is resolved with one or two actions, it goes much deeper than that and involves a lot more than deciding on whether your logo is up to date or if you should be using a new tagline on advertising or email signatures.

Taking on such a project requires a dedicated period of time before the results come through and we believe that having the strategy right from the outset will provide better long-term results than by changing direction based on the results you see from this week in isolation. Those are more accurately described as tactical decisions and should not be confused with strategic approaches.

Why not try to fill out some of the current measures of your brand performance and if you believe you could use some guidance or support, we are here to help