Internet Marketing

At EzSales we have over thirty years of combined commercial experience. We specialise in creating effective internet marketing messages focused on generating sales for our clients. As a Galway marketing company we take the time to build a personal relationship with our clients and get to know their businesses. This personal connection allows us to really understand the unique aspects of each business we work with and deliver the right marketing message at the right time to their potential customers.

Outsourced Marketing

Many small businesses cannot sustain a dedicated marketing department. At EzSales we provide outsourced marketing solutions to our clients. Outsourcing the marketing function to experienced, qualified marketing professionals means that SME’s can have a truly world-class customised marketing, internet marketing and e-commerce strategy, all for an affordable and sustainable monthly fee.

Marketing Strategy

At EzSales we believe that in order to succeed in the 21st century, businesses need to have a cohesive marketing plan that includes internet marketing and traditional marketing strategies. E-commerce is a significant growth area in Ireland. In 2010 VISA estimated that the e-commerce market in Ireland was worth €2.96 Billion, an increase of 39% on the previous year. This represents a genuine opportunity to gain competitive advantage by having an effective internet marketing and e-commerce strategy.

We use our marketing qualifications and commercial experience to boost your business by increasing your sales!