Copywriting & Blogging

Professional Website Copy Writing

Copywriting for a website is a balancing act between creating content aimed a website visitors, and keyword rich copy for search engines to help with on page optimisation as part of an overall search engine optimisation strategy.

Writing keyword rich content that ties in with page titles, meta descriptions and other on-page SEO elements are vital as part of an overall search engine optimisation strategy. This is what gets your website into the search results and causes a visitor to click on your link and land on your website. What they do once they are on your website is the other side of the website copywriting coin.

Getting a visitor to your website costs money and effort. This is the point at which conversions become vital. Creating great marketing messages for your website that are customer focussed, cohesive and sales oriented is the role of a professional website copy writer. EzSales will tie these messages into effective calls to action that will allow you to measure the success of your website.

We have written professional website copy for a number of projects including:

  • Wonderful Weddings
  • West Awake Eggs
  • Corrib Oil
  • BDL Hotels Ireland corporate website
  • Quality Hotel & Leisure Club Killarney


Blogging is especially important in light of recent changes to the Google search algorithm. Up to date, fresh content is an increasingly important factor. Google is also focused on delivering results for the long tail keywords that many people now search for. People have moved from 2-3 word search terms, to adding 5-6 keywords in the search bar to make their search much more specific.  These two developments mean that blogging and content creation are now an important part of any successful internet marketing strategy.

Our professional bloggers and copywriters write regular blogs on behalf of a number of high profile clients, including an international Facebook app development company, a national business website, and several small businesses. The truth is we love to write, so if you need a regular blog or are just behind in your content creation strategy, give us a call today.